Number of questions: 50
Passing score: 40
You have made error so far
Passing grade —
10 or fewer errors
What kind of force must emergency brakes use?
Air pressure
While driving, if it discovered the ABS is not working, the driver should:
Put on the hazard lights
Brake like normal
Use the parking brake
When taking the skills test:
Points are deducted for each pull-up
A driver is allowed 3 pull-ups per maneuver
A pull-up will be counted only if you get out of the vehicle before pulling up
Only an excessive number of pull-ups will be counted as errors
Once stopped as part of the stop/start maneuver during the skills test, you should:
Use the four-way flashers
Not use any flashers since it is not an emergency
Leave the vehicle in neutral
Park in front of a fire hydrant
If carrying a heavy load that is slowing you down, what should you do?
Drive in the left lane
Drive in the right lane
Drive on the shoulder
Keep the vehicle in second gear
If you’re unfamiliar about the area in which you must back-up, you should:
Get out and walk around the area to get more familiar
Not use both mirrors as that can cause too much distraction
Wait for someone else to back-up in the area so you see how they do it
Turn on the high beam lights
To ensure normal stopping power, vehicles equipped with a front brake limiting valve should:
Set the control to normal
Set the control to the off position
Set the control to the neutral position
Set the control at the half-way mark