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Passing score: 40
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When you need to brake, how can you warn drivers behind you?
Tap on the brakes a couple times
Stick your arm out the window
Swerve within your lane
Change lanes
If inspecting the exhaust system, which of the following is not a problem?
Loose or broken exhaust pipes
Loose or broken mounting brackets
Exhaust parts rubbing against fuel system parts
Exhaust system parts that are not leaking
When it is hot outside, to prevent overheating you should:
Drive faster
Drive slower
Drive on the shoulder
Drive with the windows down
What should be used to check for proper tire inflation?
A tire gauge
A tire iron
An air compressor
A lug nut
While driving, if it discovered the ABS is not working, the driver should:
Put on the hazard lights
Brake like normal
Use the parking brake
If the ABS is not working on the truck:
The truck will not have any brakes
The truck should be driven only at low speeds
The truck will still have brakes
The truck will lack brakes on the left side
When stopping, the brake pedal:
Should be pressed down quickly
Should be pressed down gradually
Should be lifted up quickly
Should be lifted up gradually